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CO.CC domain setup for blogger[-blogspot] *webtelugu.net*

Easy way to setup CO.CC domain in Blogger

way-to-setup-cocc-domain Easy way to setup CO.CC domain in Blogger
In the previous register free CO.CC domain name tutorial, I have briefly explain how to use the function of the domain name setup page. There’s three main option to be choose which is Manage DNS, Zone Records and URL Forwarding. I have already compile along how to use theURL Forwarding in the previous tutorial. So today, I want to make an easy tutorial about How to integrate this free domain name with blogger/blogspot using the Zone Records.
First, you need to have both CO.CC free domain and also a blogspot blog which you can have it for FREE too. You can follow my previous tutorial on how to register CO.CC domain if you still dont know how to do it.
Oke, let start now. First, go to your CO.CC domain name account. Then, go to Domain Settings. Click on one of the domain that you want to setup and click “Set UP“. Then, select the option number 2 which is Zone Records. Fill in the box with all the following value in the picture. Make sure you also include the WWW with it. After that, click setup.setup-domain-in-blogger Easy way to setup CO.CC domain in Blogger
Then, you also should add 3 more time zone to the settings. Why we do this? This is to make sure that your domain also can be access with and without the www infront of it. So, if anyone type yourdomain.co.cc instead of www.yourdomain.co.cc, they will be directed to your www.yourdomain.co.cc.
First, you need to add 3 more Zone Record follow by the following diagram. Make sure theType is A, not CNAME. We have already setup CNAME before. Also do not include the WWW inthe domain host. Just put yourdomain.co.cc. Then, use the following for the Value:
domain-value-change-only Easy way to setup CO.CC domain in Blogger
When, you’re done you will have 4 Record Zone in your setting. 3 type A and one type CNAME just like the following diagram.
all-the-domain-zone-records Easy way to setup CO.CC domain in Blogger
Now, we have already done setup everything in CO.CC. Lets move to the Blogger to setup the domain and replace your blogspot domain with this free domain name. In your blogger dashboard, click on Settings.
blogger-custom-domain-set Easy way to setup CO.CC domain in Blogger
After Setting, click on the Publishing Tab. Then, select Custom Domain and click on Switch to advanced settings. Fill your domain name in the your domain including with WWW in it. Enter the word verification and lastly click Save Settings.
setup-the-domain-for-blogge Easy way to setup CO.CC domain in Blogger
Oupss, before i forgot you need to make sure that you have tick the Redirect yourdomain.co.cc to www.yourdomain.co.cc. This page will be appeared after you have save the settings for the previous step.
redirect-the-domain-name Easy way to setup CO.CC domain in Blogger
Oke, now you’re DONE! The domain name will be completely setup after a few minutes or hour or maybe taking a day or two. Just wait for it. During this period you may see your domain name still be redirect to co.cc main homepage. But don’t worry, it is a normal situation for a domain to update. Just wait for it.
Visit this friendster layout blog that I have setup for my friend using the above technique →www.kill-system32.co.cc
Stay tune. I will make another tutorial about using this free domain efficiently. On the nexttutorial, I’ll teach you how to setup DNS Server for this free domain and you can have your own professional blog just like this one here. Register now your FREE DOMAIN NAME! You might want to subscribe to this blog for update. Subscribe through email now.


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